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FLEETiCARE is an online fleet management solution for the fleet owners which provides traffic violation challans,Document expiry alerts,Driver tagging,Document wallet,Aggregative data on the fleet pool,Driver history,Vehicle history from initial stage,Individual/Aggregative document about the cars.


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Traffic Violation Alerts


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Benefits you get

Offering following solution fleet solutions for all

Aggregative Data

More than 900000 Valid vehicle data.

Traffic Violation Alerts

Providing traffic violation details daily.

Documents Expiry Alerts

Worrying about remembering document expiry dates..?? Get your expiry details periodically

Driver History

Check your driver complete history.

Vehicle History

Going to purchase second hand vehicle. Get the history of the vehicle.

Digital Diary

Get all your documents in finger tip along with entire/individual document.

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Our article from Brangalore Bhoomi news

Perhaps one of India’s youngest CEO’s, and founder of CARSiCARE, Koushal Rao, 17 years old talkes about his company with Bangaloe Bhoomi News.

BBN : What inspired you to come with such a concept called CARSiCARE

Koushal : As a kid, I grew up admiring cars, and it had always been a passion for me to grab my very own luxury sports car. When my Dad became an entrepreneur himself during my lower high school, I started showing attention towards entrepreneurship as well. He kept telling me stories about successful entrepreneurs and their achievements and how they made the society a better place with their innovations. That was when my interest towards entrepreneurship grew stronger.

CARSiCARE idea was born accidentally, when I saw the dealers, it kept reminding of the car owners about the alert information and renewal processes. When checked with many car owners in our family, no one had a clue on what happens with their car, after spending lakhs of rupees on the cars! But it had taken time for me to come out nurturing this idea as it required a lot of passion, interest, time and responsibility and the right time. The major objective of CARSiCARE is to help the Car Owners & Corporate Cab / Fleet Owners managing their prized assets and keep a tab on the data about their cars in Cloud for all future requirements.

BBN : Who has been your target customers

Koushal : Our target customers are from two different silos. First one is the B2B, where we offer support to Corporate Cab management supporting their regulatory / compliance related issues and on the secondary side, we offer services to individual car owners, on the social networking platform. Click to see more



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